Home Remedies for Minor Neck Injuries

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If you are dealing with a minor neck injury, such as a pull or strain from exercise or overexertion, you can take steps to deal with any pain and promote healing at home. Pay attention to tips you can do at home immediately after you’ve experienced cervical strain within the first few days of injury. Take care of your neck and preserve your spinal health.  For more severe injuries, it’s best to consult medical experts and seek further information about what route you should take regarding your neck or back injury.  North American Spine is one example of a good source for advanced knowledge in the field of back and neck surgery.

Deal with Tightness in Your Neck

When you’re dealing with the issue of minor muscle strain, one of the first things you’ll notice is a feeling of stiffness or tightness. When this occurs, you won’t have the best circulation to your neck and this will contribute to your pain. You can do gentle traction on your own with the help of a friend of partner. Lie flat on your back and put a towel under your head. Your helper should place the towel on the rounded part of your skull that is above your neck, pick up both ends of the towel, and gently pull the towel away from you for about three minutes. Repeat this remedy a few times a day until you feel relief.

Try Hydrotherapy

Soak in a warm tub of water and allow your neck muscles to truly relax. You can add Epsom salts for added benefits. If you do not have a bathtub, a hot shower can be helpful as well. Warm compresses, such as a damp towel that has been warmed in the microwave, or a heating pad, can also provide relief from pain.

back-neck-massage-adjustmentNever Underestimate the Power of Massage

Go to a massage therapist to experience the benefits of an expert who will know how to address your problems with your neck. It can be extremely effective and relaxing to the point that you’ll come back to benefit your spinal health on a regular basis.

Take Heed of Serious Injuries

Take caution with your neck if there is any doubt of the extent of your injury. Do not attempt home remedies if you are experiencing severe pain or numbness. Seek help from a medical professional and learn about treatment options, including neck surgery. You need to take good care of your neck in order to have the best quality of life, maintain flexibility, and have mobility. Your neck is a vital part of your overall health. Don’t ever neglect it.

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Guest List, Invitations and Food: The Essentials for a Fabulous Party!

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When a special moment in your life rolls around, it’s always fun to give it the proper fanfare with a celebration! Whether you like to keep it simple and easy or go all out, keeping a few of these things in mind can really help take your party to the next level. Think it’s all for show? It’s amazing how much a little planning can actually benefit you, saving lots of headache once the event is underway.

The Guest List

Think you can just tell your friends to stop by? Think again. By making a proper guest list, you can ensure that you are remembering to invite all the key players. What about that friend who you don’t run into often or who might not hear about your affair? You don’t want to get to the day of the party and realize you forgot them. Take ten minutes upfront to write down all the people who you’d like to attend.

The Invites

Sending out real paper invitations is not only a great way to set the tone for your party, but can be a real time saver when spreading party information to your friends. This eliminates getting a million phone calls asking about time, place, and whether or not they should bring a dish. By putting all the need-to-know info in one spot, guests can know exactly what is happening without having to bug you. Besides, with easy online services that help you design and print your invitations in a way that is fast and relatively inexpensive, why not save yourself the headache?

The Food

Whether you are making all the food yourself, getting catering, or having a potluck, it’s important to have a plan in place. Make sure all of the main elements are covered and the majority (if not all) of your guests tastes and diets are considered. If you’re having a potluck, consider assigning yourself and maybe a close friend the duty of the main dish and insist other guests bring sides, appetizers or dessert. This prevents too much overlap or not enough of the main thing.

Planning an event can seem like a lot of work, but a little bit of planning on the front end can really help you pull it off without a hitch! Just remember to stay organized and then enjoy yourself!

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